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With yearning, time resonates with the dissonant ends of half-formed sentences;
mute and incongruent, smoke signals still line the paths I take.
Hands to the window, the days keep passing me by; transient shadows form black contrails behind me.
Station to station, there is life in the absence of warmth and compassion in each quiet passing.
Highway to highway, streetlight to streetlight, I linger on through an endless dawn.
This is a life whose freedom is the price I pay; a being in time, a being in nothing, a being whose soul flees in transit.
I lost my soul in the morning commute, I followed its traces; this all leads back to you.
You and I, we still resonate with the ends of half-formed sentences.

I have painted the spectrum in black and white.
With feeble fingers I stagger, remembering every stroke,
Evoking every image as I drift away to a thousand miles of dissension - entranced by a definitive slumber.
Saturated with longstanding escapades, we share this tangible cruelty.
Circumventing as the lights pass through the multitudes.
And with condescending approval, the spectators shall spew out bitter tales of the beginning.
We will keep on breaking and burning, ‘cause we’ve never been the same.
Every second is a riveting picture of what’s left for us to offer.
Amidst wakefulness and sleep I march down to a lucid state of an unwelcoming descent to sanity.
As I claw my way out, clarity approaches and I begin to understand that I belong here,
in this place of nothingness and existence.
I am the void that creates what I destroy. There and back again.




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Caitlyn Bailey Davao City, Philippines

Francis Regalado - vocals/samples
Mia Nakano - vocals
Raphael Pulgar - guitar/vocals
Christian Rabor - bass
Paris Bebault - drums

The band came together in the first quarter of 2007 (until 2011) with hopes of bringing something new to the Davao City music scene both musically and ideologically in the spirit of mid-90s and early 00s emotive hardcore.
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