Hindenburg​/​Notes From the Parade of Carrion Worms

from by Caitlyn Bailey

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[Francis and Mia]
When we fall, we all fall together; when we fall, we all fall apart.
Smoke churns in our lungs with the smell of decay as the funeral pyre burns,
crashing onto our knees and clawing up to the sky; crying out for the feeling of shelter.
What I once cared for is now burning to ashes and I bury my face in my hands.
I'll be damned if we live through this.
My dirigible heart in tow until this ends, I'll ruin this whole city when I crash.
Blood by blood and through the hands of a loved one, we all fall apart.

Notes From The Parade of Carrion Worms

The tides from the sea of charybdis swell up to consume the empire's lonely vessels as the eye strikes where wheels come and splinter into sails.
"Our chariots are treading water!", scream the slave-seafarers.
Circles split within circles, teeth into the sea; they rise into the aether, where blood and ampersands breathe.
Tread water; carrion worms.

We’re all fading lines penned on seamless patterns, trudging on dead metaphors.
Relying on nothing but slivers of dissipated narratives.
We can only thrive in soliloquies consigned to oblivion.
It’s brewing beneath the surface, the darkest of all the swamps.
The calm waters remaining very still, running dry.
And at the behest of forked-tongues,
I sail forth the oceanic grave on a dejected conquest for an open-ended absolution.




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Caitlyn Bailey Davao City, Philippines

Francis Regalado - vocals/samples
Mia Nakano - vocals
Raphael Pulgar - guitar/vocals
Christian Rabor - bass
Paris Bebault - drums

The band came together in the first quarter of 2007 (until 2011) with hopes of bringing something new to the Davao City music scene both musically and ideologically in the spirit of mid-90s and early 00s emotive hardcore.
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