Luzon Tour EP 2009

by Caitlyn Bailey

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This record was released in 2009 during the band's tour in the Northern parts of the Philippines.


released November 1, 2009



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Caitlyn Bailey Davao City, Philippines

Francis Regalado - vocals/samples
Mia Nakano - vocals
Raphael Pulgar - guitar/vocals
Christian Rabor - bass
Paris Bebault - drums

The band came together in the first quarter of 2007 (until 2011) with hopes of bringing something new to the Davao City music scene both musically and ideologically in the spirit of mid-90s and early 00s emotive hardcore.
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Track Name: Ty Moya Donetchka
1: the imperial sun absorbed in its eastern blaze consumes the horizon, as we dig our own graves to save ourselves. the soil that bore our fathers and the fathers before them, is now a dwelling place of everything we swore we would never be. a forgotten patriot of the past. the staged autonomy escapes from these puny hands. in a blink of an eye, the scorching rays became my chains.
i, raised up my hands, but not in surrender. this my fight, with all the might that i have i’ll lead us to the sunset. we are the pawns, but soon we’ll become the masters of our game. we’ve sold our souls, for every artillery fire we’ve brought upon ourselves.

the lone pearl scraped from the orient, sold and bought--a priceless ornament. her land voraciously pillaged to and fro, endlessly ravaged by those greedy hands. we are the slaves of our own making. the shadow we’ll confront is just a step away from us. it lies ahead prowling for its prey.

2: dear friend, dear mother; sing me the song of your people, the song you've screamed so loud for all these years. it was in those hollow words that you gave us a face and a name; a face not mirrored and a name never called. have we ever stood content? well i haven't, not as i stayed awake to watch you sleep and quiet enough to hear your fading heartbeat. i stayed awake to watch you sleep and quiet enough to hear you breathe. as i have never left your side, sing to me in your deathbed; sing till i ring deaf. (keep on singing in your bed, i'll speak in decades where you tread.) i am your daughter; i have become my mother.
Track Name: Matriarchs
1: loving mother, we've rooted ourselves in the shallowest of soil only to be dug up and hollowed out again. with branches running thinner towards their brittle ends, these rotten leaves will fall even further; spreading a mile, a thousand acres from where we are standing. "we'll salt the earth with what's left of us!", i cried out. "it's only a matter of time, son. i'll have to leave you soon; but not until you grow up and until i see you bloom. i don't want you to miss me and i don't want you to be scared, just look into your heart and i will always be there.", you said.

i am the son and you have sunken for i am the sun and you are the sunset. for every breath you've left me with, i'll send forth a hundred thousand heartbeats; into a tomorrow without fear for we're rooted, not in soil but in these moments. we're rooted to each other; we're rooted in our time.

2: the warm comfort of your nurturing hands reassures me, as a seed planted to the ground, gently raised up by the earth’s perpetual fecundity. pouring down on a dry spell like the sky opening its coffers, satiating an existential drought. and you satiate me.
Track Name: Champion of the Sun
for the demagogues have already paved the road to an endless battle amongst the scavengers. tearing down, flesh by vicious flesh, what could have been the hope for a struggling people, a waning breed.

we became birds of prey with bespectacled eyes; to the sight of a dying sun and the sound of a vulture's cries. the light of the morning above us bled yellow across the sky; advancing with every heartbeat ‘til it came, our time to die. "...and i swear this on my grave!" spoke the martyr with barbed wire tears and bloodshot eyes. "...and i swear this on my lover's grave!" screamed the martyr's ill, grief-stricken wife.

we won't stand on a pedestal for the sins of our fathers, lay these guns to rest and bring death to these lovers.

we became the harbingers of visceral fear--our very own worst nightmare. living in a culture of guilt we just never learn the bitter lessons of history that we’re regretfully bound to repeat again. it’s the same old story told from one young blood to the next. is this what we’ve hope for to become? a generation bred by lying tongues and unfeeling hearts. no time to spare for yet another one feigned camaraderie. until the tables turn we’ll never close eyes our again.

sell us the face of a champion, we'll take it with us to the sun. we'll bleed yellow! we'll bleed dry!
give us the son of a nation, show us the beasts we've become. we'll bleed yellow! we'll bleed dry!
sell us the face of a champion, show us the beasts we've become. we'll bleed yellow! we'll bleed dry!
Track Name: Numbers
i bear witness to our intellectual death sentence. lethally injected in our minds--the bureaucratic vitriol. consciousness restrained as we plunge to the raging sea of unsolicited ignorance. swept by the undertow of reckless journalism. to see is to believe but to believe everything we see is an insult to our rational faculties. the formal education we’ve wasted half of our lives deprived us from learning what really matters in human existence. mindlessly jotting down meaningless words. regurgitating strings of fictitious facts. unquestioning, blind obedience swept under the rug. authorities legitimizing the murder of free thought. and we will die clutching apathy close to our chests. and we will die, we will. creating tempests on far-flung trivialities—a newly defined hysteria; a social pathology.